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GoDEX T10 Rewinder
GoDEX T10 Rewinder

The Rewinder Everyone Can Use
The T10 rewinder has an idler arm that can be positioned to rewind labels from either side of the printer. Depending on the user’s requirements, the T10 can rewind "inside or outside" label rolls.

Can be used with all GoDEX's printers.
Supports inside and outside label rewinding.
Stylish appearance plus a rugged design for long term reliability
Colored LED indicator provides rewinder operation status
Support three Core Size: 1” (25.2 mm – 25.6 mm), 1.5” (40 mm – 40.6 mm) and 3" (76 mm – 76.6 mm); Core and coreless kits included

UR 100 Label Rewider

UR 100 Automatic Label Rewind Unit

The UR 100 label rewinder, when set up with your Citizen CLP 521 or 621 or any other brand of thermal printer automatically rewinds your printed labels on to a new core at exactly the same speed as they are printed.

This rewinder removes the headache of wasted labour time trying to hand roll the printed labels as they are pumped out of your printer at high speed.

The UR 100 label rewinder can be used anywhere in the world. Rewind speeds from 1" to 12" per second. Cores can be 38mm 44mm or 76mm

 RWR Series Automatic Label Rewind Unit

Compatible with almost all brands of Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer and Inkjet Label Printers, Gillyprinters rewinding equipment provides a simple, fast and economical solution to the problem of printing larger quantities of self adhesive labels at one time and rewinding them into smaller or larger rolls for distribution.

The electronic speed control automatically synchronizes the winding or unwinding speed to the speed of your printer. This versatile label rewinder winds labels 'face out' or 'face in'.   

There are also adaptor kits for non-standard core sizes as well as for rewinding labels without using a core.

High quality well designed steel construction, the RWR Series offer a stable and effective connection to your thermal label printer.

Available in 140mm and 230mm widths for cores ranging from 38mm to 110mm  This cost effective solution allows for a maximum outside roll diameter of 300 mm

The innovative detection system allows for continuous operation without stopping for realignment and tears.

Auto-Alarm and Self-Stop when labels run out or brake 
“Dancing Arm” (electronically synchronises timing & speed)
Speed from 1” up to 10” Per Second
38mm — 76mm Core Spindle
Suits all Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printers

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External Label Rewinders. Connect to Your Thermal Label or Barcode Printer to Rewind Printed Labels

Attach the external label rewinder to your Citizen, Zebra, Toshiba, Tec, Datamax, Epson, Eltron or Intermec thermal transfer printer to rewind the print labels


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Thermal Ribbons for Citizen Label Printers
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External Label Rewinders
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